A collectors-only limited series

'ARTMS 0.9.5: sim_theory' is a short limited series of audiovisual artworks, exclusively distributed among collectors of my 1/1 pieces on Foundation. 

sim_theory is composed of four primary audiovisual artworks and four hidden non-animated artworks. The four primary pieces, I, II, III, IIII, each contain an autogenerated puzzle which when unlocked grants access to one of the four hidden artworks.

Holding one of the four primary pieces (I, II, III, IIII) allows for solving said artwork's puzzle and claiming its hidden piece.




Solve an artwork's puzzle by inputting the deciphered tokens below.

sim_theory I: State Import

sim_theory II: Implementation

sim_theory III: The Fall

sim_theory IIII: Ending

Please find the ARTMS 0.9.5 documentation below. 

artemisandarts 2022