Exhibition Portfolio

Who I am & what do I do

My name is Artemis and I make generative images and animations. Most of what I do is created using a combination of speech recognition and machine learning, having trained neural networks to process and analyse spoken language to produce visual output. I implement and code my own solutions to support my creation processes, ending up with a pipeline where I “talk my way” through many of my artworks. 

I quit my job back in September 2021 in order to focus fulltime on my creative work as a multidisciplinary digital artist.

Crypto Release History

I minted and listed my first NFT on Foundation (FND) back in August 2021, and have since then minted and sold 71 different 1/1 artworks on FND to a total of 25 different collectors.

Besides FND I have released a collection of 500 artworks in a series called SIGHTS on the curated art platform called BrainDrops. All 500 SIGHTS artworks were sold out within minutes of launch and currently 310 individual collectors hold the total 500.

Section 1
Minted 1/1 artworks

My released 1/1 artworks have been launched for auction on Foundation (FND). I have minted and sold a total of 70 artworks here.


Section 2
Minted generative collection SIGHTS

I was invited by BrainDrops to release a large collection of 500 individual artworks. The entire SIGHTS collection can be viewed here on OpenSea.

Section 3
Collector's exclusive airdrops

I recently launched my first airdrop for collectors of my seventy 1/1 artworks. This is a small series of audiovisual animations minted in editions. I will continue to do exclusive airdrops a few select times each year for all who hold my 1/1 auction artworks. 

Section 4
Unminted 1/1 artworks

I have a few series and releases lined up oer the next 12 months, some of which would include pieces from the below selection.